PHC Travel Healthy Program:
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We offer a personalized “stay healthy” plan for
international travelers, including immunizations,
prescriptions, recommendations, and expert advice
designed so travelers can travel worry-free.



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Physicians Health Center is your Travel Medicine Specialist, Helping Travelers Remain Healthy While Traveling Abroad

Traveling internationally is exciting. Whether your trip is for vacation, adventure, or another purpose, with all the other details you have to manage before taking off, don’t let potential healthcare risks abroad ground you. With Physicians Health Center’s Travel Safe Program, you’ll get a pre-travel consultation with destination-specific vaccines, prescriptions, and the latest travel health notices.

What to Expect During Your Travel Healthy Program

Traveling to certain countries or regions can increase your chances of contracting illnesses or diseases rarely found in the United States. During your visit, our medical professional will:

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Our medical provider will review and discuss with the traveler the Travel Medicine Questionnaire.

(Available here to download and print)

Our medical provider will discuss recommended or required vaccines as well as any recommended medications with the traveler. The recommendations are personalized to the traveler based on the specific region or countries the traveler will be visiting and what they will be doing while abroad. PHC providers use the most up-to-date travel health information and guidelines available from the CDC and WHO.

Our provider can then administer the required and/or recommended vaccines that the traveler has elected. Our provider can also write a prescription for the recommended medications to be picked up at the traveler’s designated pharmacy.

After completing our PHC Travel Healthy Program, travelers can be assured that they've minimized their health risks while overseas, received appropriate vaccinations, secured necessary medications, and are thoroughly informed.

The Sooner the Better When Traveling Abroad

It’s important to try and visit our center well in advance of your travel. While we can see you at
any point up to your date of travel, some vaccines may take up to 4-6 weeks before reaching
maximum protection while other vaccines require more than one dose. By visiting us in advance,
you can maximize your protection.

Additional Resources and Information

To help you plan for a safe and successful trip, here are some resources that may be helpful
both before and during your travel.

The CDC's travel website.

All of the CDC’s current travel notices.

U.S. Department of State’s website for information on getting help with medical emergencies while traveling.

Find A Physicians Health Center Near You

Traveling out of the country and not sure what you need to stay healthy? Don’t worry, our expert medical team is here to help. At least a month before your trip, travel to or make an appointment at any of our five convenient clinics serving all of Miami-Dade, South Broward, and Monroe Counties. Find a convenient location below.


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